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New Priorities: Conversation > Conversion

Sasha Aranyi

As I am sure you all know by now, the demand for social media content is up. The craving for connection, sense of community, entertainment and constant information has never been stronger. For many brands, the question of how to stay relevant right now and how to adjust their content plans to suit this new […]

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Are you wasting money on digital advertising?

SuperNova">SuperNova | Media Agency, Media Strategy, social media, SuperNova

We often have clients approach us wanting our recommendation on where to spend their digital media budget in the hope of seeing a spike in results straight away. When we take a look under the hood it almost always becomes apparent that work needs to be done, before we recommend they spend any money. Here […]

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5 Social Media don’ts for your business

Sasha Aranyi

Just like when you sit at the dinner table, there is a certain Social Media etiquette for business, that when dismissed, risks public embarrassment. Here are 5 don’ts to help with your 2020 social clean up.   1. Don’t post without purpose, thought or proofreading. Think about current events and what is going on in the […]

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Yellow Balls and Big Brands

Adrian Romeo | Brand Strategy, brandwatch, consumer insights, Content Strategy, Media Intelligence

With the #AO2020 underway, expect to see over 800,000 people from all around the word descend onto Melbourne Park to see the world’s best tennis players mix it up on 40 courts and an even bigger audience streaming play into their homes and on their phones. Consistently reported as a favourite tournament of fans and […]

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Which social media is right for your brand?

Sasha Aranyi | social media

It’s 2020 and there’s an abundance of social media channels that may or may not benefit your business. So how do you determine which ones will work for you, and know that you’re not wasting time? There’s no perfect formula telling us exactly what we should and shouldn’t do, but these beginner’s insights from our […]

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One small step – One giant leap

One Small Step Collective

50 years ago, Neil Armstrong took what is perhaps the most significant ‘one small step’ ever taken in mans history, and for One Small Step Collective (OSSC), it’s continued to inspire their work every day since.  Operating for 6 years now and working with over 30 clients, collaboration is still cemented into everything OSSC does, […]

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