Our Way

We create Stories that Stick

Here is a simple truth. We live in an age where people have the ability to decide what they watch and importantly, what they don’t. Our brand messages don’t just compete with other brand content, they compete with all content. Because of this, we need to create experiences that have a real purpose in people’s lives.

At One Small Step, we create brand messages with value, we call these Stories that Stick.

The following are three beliefs that are core to our brand.

None of us are as smart as all of us.

Our process from day one is completely collaborative. We do this for two main reasons. Firstly, we truly believe in partnership and the depth of the relationships we have with our clients. So transparency just makes sense. But the second reason is a bit more selfish; we know that collaboration makes our ideas better. Any agency that thinks they have all the answers is fooling themselves. We are happy to collaborate with anyone that adds value to the solution, regardless of where they sit.

Solutions that are just as unique as the challenge.

One of the foundations of our business is fluidity and adaptability. We know that change needs to be at the centre of what we do. We believe that the core competencies of strategy, creativity and business are always needed. But outside of that, our teams are built specifically to business problems. Our name One Small Step comes from a great example of that model – the moon landing. A team of specialists put together to achieve the extraordinary.

Ugly truths beat beautiful lies.

It’s not really a rule, but collaboration and honesty are baked into everything we do. Whether it’s talking amongst ourselves or chatting to our clients, we much prefer ugly truths over beautiful lies. This honesty also extends into how we communicate to people on behalf of our clients. Everything comes from the Brand Truth. We feel strongly that given today’s media landscape, honesty is super important. Brands are built by what they do, not what they say.

We > Me

James Procter

Founder - Creative Director

During the last 20 years, James has lead the creative offering as the ECD of big multinationals like Ogilvy, TBWA and George Patterson Y&R before leaving it all in a moment of bravery to help found One Small Step Collective. He has won many creative and effectiveness awards for his work – from Cannes Lions to The Effies through to AWARD Australia.

John Williams

Founder – Managing Director

John leads our insights and strategic offering. In the last 20 years, he’s had the opportunity and privilege to work client side on some of Australia’s leading brands like Coles, Kraft, Cadbury, Fonterra and Detpak. On the agency side, he has lead the business at research agency Synovate and creative agency Disegno before leaving to help found One Small Step Collective.

Emma Macey

Media General Manager

With 15 years of media agency experience, our media queen’s skill-set is both broad and deep across Trading, Strategy and Client Consultancy. Emma is dedicated to driving business results achieved through strategic media solutions for her clients and has worked on various categories including Retail, FMCG, Finance, Entertainment, Education and Government. Emma is passionate about the role of media agencies in an ever complex communications landscape.

Phil Zohrab

Head of Data

Formerly Chief Data Officer at Dentsu Aegis Network, and with leadership roles at performance agencies iProspect and Performics, he knows a thing or two about data, analytics and consumer insights through working on some of the largest and most sophisticated marketers around. Phil has carved out a niche as being an accessible expert in technology for media and marketing.

Gale Schupack

Senior Account Manager

Gale is a forward-thinking marketer with a long history of bringing innovative consumer-led campaigns to life across a variety of industry sectors. Gale’s collaborative nature allows her to champion projects and change with energy and enthusiasm. Her approach is creative and innovative in achieving outcomes and she has a proven track record in delivering results in dynamic and deadline driven environments.

Sasha Aranyi

Social Media Manager

Our social butterfly join’s OSSC with a breadth of knowledge in Public Relations and Marketing, using holistic social media approaches to create rockstar content. Working for a charity for three years and freelancing with fashion brands for five, Sasha has developed and led many diverse social media campaigns. Sasha stays educated as the world of social media continues to evolve, and ensures strategies always reflect the latest trends.

Adrian Romeo

Manager, Digital Consumer Intelligence

Adrian lives on the data side of life with One Small Step Collective to bring actionable digital media insights and powerful strategic business intelligence to enterprise. With a diverse background across major data collections in research, analysis, key account management, and new business development, Adrian helps our clients transform conversation into insights to inform strategy using a data-led approach with Brandwatch.

Tom Jackson

Design & Art Director Lead

Tom, our British designer, has been making (and breaking) things since finishing his studies. In that time, he's been recognised by D&AD, won TBWA/London's Young Blood program, wrote the launch campaign for a phone network in Ireland, animated education in Seville and lead the creative of a small studio in Melbourne before landing at OSSC, doing more making than he is breaking!

Oscar Puentes

Design Lead

Oscar is a Colombian graphic designer who’s passionate about drawing. Back in Colombia, he began working as a web designer focusing on infographics for the web. Pretty soon, he joined the creative team that looked after the mayor office’s of Bogota, where he helped develop advertising campaigns about the district’s programs. Now, Oscar is a strong member of the OSSC design team and our go-to man for illustrations and animations. Always eager to jump in and try new things, he is really enjoying the different creative and food culture in Melbourne.