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A picture is worth a #ThousandWords

One Small Step Collective

Social media data analysis has come a long way since it first started showing up on marketers radars in the early years of social. Back when “likes” were kudos on MySpace, and advertisers were restricted to crude display ads, only a few companies took notice of the true value of online discussion. Those companies then […]

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The Top 10 Avocado Brunches According to Social Media

Pamela Chong

  It’s 12.19 and I’m waiting for lunch break. I’m dreaming and craving of that perfect, sumptuous, and easy office meal (shout out to One Small Step Collective’s pantry!). Something that will ideally sate both my stomach, and social media appetite. Gotta broadcast my food with the world, otherwise it never really happened right? Obviously, […]

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What Are Melbourne Agency People Good For? Nothing.

Brodie Evans

Over the weekend Melbourne held it’s second edition of Good For Nothing. A movement of collaborative events held globally that consists of “10 hours of turbo-charged hacking, making & doing“. Digital creatives get together to help local social enterprises make a big impact online with their extremely limited resources! I was privileged enough to participate in […]

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8 out of AdAge’s Top 10 Agencies use Crimson Hexagon

One Small Step Collective | advertising, awards, Crimson Hexagon, market research, Social Data, strategy

Social is an integral part of agency strategy today. But how and where can agencies use social for valuable insights? From the pitch, to the content, and even to prove campaign effectiveness, the use cases for social insights across the agency world are extensive.   In 2016, we got the chance to see the effect […]

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How to create content when all you have is a smartphone.

James Procter

We find a lot of clients are at various stages of the ‘content’ spectrum. From fresh newbies that have never done anything more than some simple social, all the way through to big media engines that plan and create 6-12 months out. This video is more aimed at the entry end of content. But don’t […]

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