1,300,000,000,000 posts answers a lot of questions

We are a naturally curious bunch at One Small Step Collective. We like to know what we don’t know. That’s why the Brandwatch technology is a core part of our business. It indexes over 1.3 trillion unsolicited opinions drawn from social, news, and blogs. We find this answers a lot of questions.

BrandwatchOne Small Step Collective

Media Planning

Go beyond basic consumer profiling, and understand what moves your people. By identifying your audience’s most influential authors and interest affinities, you’ve got a head start in creating a powerful campaign and knowing the best places to buy media.

& Insights

Know who your audience is. Not just demographics, but key insights into purchase considerations and emotional drivers. With the platform’s topical analysis capabilities, you can see broad trends in conversation or drill down to verbatim posts in a matter of seconds.


Track the performance of your campaign, from basic methods such as hashtag monitoring and volume changes, to more complex tools that can gauge reactions and compare conversations throughout the campaign life. Integrate your social media accounts for comprehensive performance insights.


There’s lots of ways social data and analytics can help you create amazing content. Audience insights allow you to create content that resonates with how they truly value your products or services, and with Brandwatch’s massive post index, you can quickly identify and pounce on relevant content.


Be proactive in responding quickly to a potential crisis. Identify unknown crises quickly by monitoring shifts in sentiment or volume, and when a crisis is identified, track how the conversation breaks down – what topics are most prominent and who is talking about the issue?


Who are the strongest opinion makers on a topic? Validate the impact of a true influencer. Seed content and opinion with those that matter.

New Business

Because Brandwatch can give you all of the historical data right up to the last 5 mins, you are always well placed to know what is going on with a potential client. It allows you to tailor your presentations with insights and direction on where the company is going.


Monitor your brand against the concepts that are most relevant to your organisation. Brandwatch allows you to create bespoke models of brand association that measure the terms and concepts you want to track.