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Which social media is right for your brand?

One Small Step Collective | social media

It’s 2020 and there’s an abundance of social media channels that may or may not benefit your business. So how do you determine which ones will work for you, and know that you’re not wasting time? There’s no perfect formula telling us exactly what we should and shouldn’t do, but these beginner’s insights from our […]

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One small step – One giant leap

One Small Step Collective

50 years ago, Neil Armstrong took what is perhaps the most significant ‘one small step’ ever taken in mans history, and for One Small Step Collective (OSSC), it’s continued to inspire their work every day since.  Operating for 6 years now and working with over 30 clients, collaboration is still cemented into everything OSSC does, […]

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Two Beers Called January

James Procter

  Is there a perfect time for beer? Yes. Now. The Collective decided it was about time to create some more beer. In case you missed the first batch “The Space Race”, you can have a look at the blog post here. This time we decided that the time of brewing was going to dictate […]

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How social listening can guide product development


At some point in their career, every product developer has been guilty of slipping the old adage of “necessity is the mother of all invention” into a client presentation. They likely internally cringed at how cliched it sounds, and it is, yet it holds as true as they day it was coined by, assumedly[presumably], someone […]

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When Donald met Kim

One Small Step Collective

This week we witnessed history in the making, the union of the most unlikely pair. The American President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un engaged in the first ever summit between the two nations, wrapping up with a very vague joint declaration of security and peace. Using Crimson Hexagon, we had a look […]

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New faces from different places

One Small Step Collective

It’s been a fantastic year for OSSC as we continue to see new clients come on board. Most recently, we pitched and won two big and exciting pieces of work. One of the great parts of new business are the new faces that often follow. We are so happy with our recent bunch of recruits […]

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Who Got Royal Wedding Fever?

Chelsea Brumby

There was no escaping royal wedding fever over the weekend. For all of us commoners who didn’t score an invite to the exclusive party at Windsor Castle, you were probably sipping on some less than Royal-worthy champagne, in an outfit that didn’t come with a designer label. Nevertheless, all eyes were on Meghan Markle as […]

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