Paving the way to success one LEGO brick at a time!

Adrian Romeo

Paving the way to success one LEGO brick at a time!

LEGO has been building success upon success with their ability to embrace partnership and create new lines from TV shows, movie franchises and entirely new concepts to appeal to targeted audiences.

One of the most powerful brands in the world, the revival of LEGO is an amazing story, one that arguably rivals that of Apple from the late nineties “pre-iPod” who were pitching Power PC’s and taking sizeable investment from Microsoft.

We can see 118.3 million posts over the last 10 years a 499% increase in mentions of the LEGO brand across public conversations in leading social media, online news, forums, blogs, reviews, and comments.

We are talking about colossal volumes of conversation around the globe.  USA, UK, Japan, Canada and Indonesia are the top 5 countries actively engaged with the LEGO brand.  Australia ranks 10th, with just over 1 million posts.

Turning social data into actionable insight is the key to it all. For example, data can possibly tell us about what consumers might want as their next franchise forever memorialised in LEGO.

Based on the unique audience interests of Australian’s discussing LEGO against the rest of the Australian population on Twitter, the answer is no surprise.  You can see on the left-hand side the audience interests of those discussing LEGO vs every piece of Twitter content coming out of Australia for the period.

It just looks like it might be an opportunity for LEGO to boldly go where no LEGO has gone before…

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