The most underrated virtue

James Procter

What characteristic do we look for in our employees?
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Optimism. There I said it.

It takes strength and belief to be optimistic. It takes confidence in yourself and the people around you, that there is nothing you won’t be able to overcome.

And here’s the thing, it’s catnip to other people. Here at OSSC, it’s a big part of what we look for in people. Sure, they have to have awesome skills that are needed in the business, but that unshakable belief that things are going to turn out well is something we look for at the foundations of people.

Another friend of optimism, is can-d0 attitude. If you are sure that things will turn out well, you are more likely to get started quicker. And even if things don’t (hello failure), optimistic people are the first ones back on the horse, ready to have another crack.

So here’s to you Mr/Ms Unshakable Optimist, because you know a secret that sometimes it takes others a while to figure out – it’s all going to be OK.