Viridian Visualiser App

Rethinking the outdated Sampling and Sales process led us to create a 3D Glass Visualiser App

Client: CSR Viridian

Our Role: Strategy, Creative, Digital Design and Build, UI, UX

What's the story?

Viridian came to us with a trade challenge. How do we showcase glass in a way that was both inspirational and practical?
This used to be achieved by sales representatives lugging around huge suitcases of sample glass that an architect or customers could use to try to imagine what the glass would look like in their environment. For us, this was neither practical or inspiring.

How did we make
the story stick?

The solution was an answer to both of these problems. We built the Viridian Glass Visualiser app for use on iPads. The app uses a powerful 3D engine to build realistic, bespoke glass in a digital environment. The user can then decide to view their creation in one of our set environments or they can turn on the iPad camera and use it to visualise glass in their own environment. This was an Australian and CSR first and it revolutionised the sales and sample process.