Tipple Alcohol Delivery

Quick Turnaround Campaign

Our Role: Research, Strategy, Rebrand, Design, Communications, Media Planning and Buying

What's the Story?

Tipple is an on demand alcohol delivery service. The business was started by the Barrington brothers that have owned and operated independent bottle shops for a long time. They built Tipple up to a point where in 2018, 7-Eleven Convenience invested in the brand to take the business to the next level.

Ryan Barrington, CEO, came to us with a simple but complex problem. We needed to build a business and brand strategy in a few weeks that could be presented to the 7-Eleven board. This would then transfer into a complete rebranding and launch campaign to grow the business.

How did we make the story stick?

One of the biggest challenges when we won the Tipple account was the timeline. Everything needed to be condensed to meet the timings of the new board. That meant our agency needed to step up and bring a lot of resources to bear in a short period of time. But hey, pressure makes diamonds, right? 


With Tipple, we operate in the space between creative agency and business consultancy. After the business strategy was endorsed by the board our agency essentially became the outsourced marketing function of the brand. This involves being deeply integrated into the day to day of the Tipple business all the way through to a place on the leadership team. This wouldn’t have been possible without being a full service agency and we feel the Tipple business is perfect for our agile and experienced model. We were able to deploy resources rapidly and effectively whilst continuing preparing the business for change, expansion and growth.


Initially, the work required research and the creation of target personas. We like to really understand who we are talking to and what makes them tick. These personas were then used throughout the business to target and create messaging and tone. The creative campaign of Tipple was based around their product offering.

Tipple is like one of your best friends that is always there for you. If you want the party to continue or find that you’ve run out of alcohol and don’t want to leave the house to get more, Tipple is there. The campaign line ‘We got you’ is a really simple and effective way to summate this promise. We used modern illustrations to portray fun and interesting situations where people would need alcohol delivered. The campaign was split into a quick turn around, alcohol and graphic based campaign that could be launched almost immediately while we developed the illustrations and animations for the master brand campaign. 


The communication was deployed through a deep and thorough media campaign through our sister media agency SuperNova. The brand lived day to day in the social space which we managed through our social team but the complete campaign was deep and extensive- from direct and digital communications all the way through to outdoor, radio, sponsorships and brand activations. 


We are super proud of the work delivered and the ongoing results. The business has shown a 42% growth year on year and continues to grow strongly in an ever increasingly competitive market. Phew, we need a drink!