The Sufferfest

Growing and monetising an online community

Client: The Sufferfest

Our Role: Brand Development, Digital Comms, Advertising, Social

What's the story?






If you love riding a bike and if you do it at a good level, chances are you have heard of The Sufferfest. But if you haven’t, The Sufferfest is a global business producing the world’s best indoor cycling, running and triathlon training videos. The product is built on professional workouts using footage from the world’s biggest races (Tour de France, The Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España etc). Finally, we add a killer soundtrack and just the right amount of ‘Sufferlandrian humour’ and the result is a workout that not only kicks your butt, but allows you to have fun while you are doing it.


But here’s the thing, prior to 2011, this brand didn’t exist.


One of the first tasks for The Sufferfest was to reshape the way the brand was portrayed. This included everything from brand and product imagery, all the way through to guiding the look and feel of the brand in the digital space.

How did we make
the story stick?

We developed a comprehensive content strategy that guides when we speak to consumers, where and what we say to them. This involves managing and creating all of the digital advertising, including strategy, creative, media, social, metrics, analysis and reporting to ensure we have the right message in the right place at the right time.


Another big aspect of our relationship with The Sufferfest is guiding and negotiating how it partners with other brands and companies. This can be anything from managing relationships with cycling blogs and titles all the way through to negotiating big and complex relationships like The Sufferfest has with The UCI (cycling’s governing world body).






This year we have helped The Sufferfest move their business to another level on two major fronts. The first has been to transition the core consumer base from a repeat video sales model, to a app subscription model. Secondly, we’ve been working to open up a new commercial and volume market through commercial gyms and cycling studios. Throughout this we have been helping to drive product and advertising, and making sure the brand and assets are represented in a consistent tone and feel.