Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision

Carrying on Maddie’s fight

Our Role: Brand Development, Creative Design, Collateral

What's the story?

This was one of the hardest and best things we have done as a business. In February 2015, Maddie Riewoldt tragically passed away at age 26 from Bone Marrow Failure. During this horrible time, and together with her amazing family, we developed a brand that could hold her legacy and continue the fight to make a difference.

How did we make
the story stick?



Drawing on Maddie’s favourite colour purple, and animal elephant, we developed the branding for Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision. Once we had a logo and look and feel that could carry Maddie’s legacy and vision, we developed the brand guidelines and built out the collateral, website and merchandise.


As part of the marketing committee, we are involved in ongoing brand support and communications for Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision, and have supported major fundraising events, including Maddie’s Match and Nick’s 300th game. In 2016, we worked with Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision to launch a national fundraising and education program for schools – Maddie’s MarrowThon.




In their first year of operation, Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision raised $1million for bone marrow failure research and shortly after, in collaboration with their partners the Snowdome Foundation, were awarded national winner of the 2016 Telstra Business Awards Charity Division.


At OSSC, we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a team and will continue to  make sure this charity continues to get the attention it deserves.