Creating an Internet Telco without the drama

Client: Llama

Our Role: Strategy, planning, brand identity, brand guidelines, collateral

What's the story?

Our client was a new telco company, looking to supply internet, phone and bundles without the hassle that comes with other service providers. In an incredibly crowded space, the business wanted to stand out with a brand that was fun, quirky, and offered ease, value, and quality service above all else.

How did we make
the story stick?

Our first task was to develop creative naming for the brand. Taking the business’ mindset of hassle-free service, we developed Llama – Internet without the drama. Aside from the obvious rhyming with the company ethos, the llama was the perfect creature to represent the brand. It’s an animal that has been made famous through the internet and it’s known for its fun, easy going nature. It’s the perfect representation of the brand’s personality and values.


We then worked on developing the brand’s identity and brand guidelines. It was really important that the visuals and tone were fun, easy, and human.

Our view was that people use their phone and internet for work, but also for entertainment too, so there was no reason why a telco brand couldn’t be fun and interesting.


Next, we translated the brand into collateral. We wrote and designed welcome packs and sales decks with simple, approachable language. We believe people are sick of reading forms written by robotic lawyers – it’s intimidating. We made sure everything was easy to understand in layman’s terms.

Llama internet without the drama