Real Estate tech startup looking to scale

Client: Landchecker

Our Role: Strategy & planning, rebranding, new website, social media & PR

What’s the story?

When we first met the Landchecker team in 2016, they had just developed and launched their
property information app. The platform is a simple and easy way for property professionals and
the general public to access important information about any property site in Victoria. Instead of
wading through outdated systems and council access requests, users can get key information
such as specifications, planning zones, and nearby planning applications, through a simple and
quick search. It makes it easier to conduct due diligence checks and inform decision making.
The team had a great product, but they now needed to grow their user-base and get more
people onto the platform.

How did we make
the story stick?

The solution for Landchecker was a complicated one. It involved a lot of different solutions running in tandem. Firstly, we rebranded and created a bank of brand assets for them that were a lot more engaging and emotive. We soon were given the task of revamping their social channels and the content created had an immediate effect, tripling engagement and importantly leading to a lot more subscriptions.

This activity was amplified by rebuilding their website to have a stronger front end that explained the product better and helped people understand the benefits of Landchecker. Most recently we’ve been involved helping them with the partial sale of the business to RACV. Sale and investment are always a big part of the world of startups but having such a big player buy in was a great testament to the brand and the people involved.