Australian Natural Care

Follow the sun

Our Role: TV, Print & Digital outdoor, social media

What's the story?

As big fans of this beautiful country that we call home we were pretty happy when Australian NaturalCare (ANC), a brand so representative of the Aussie spirit, tasked us to help launch their retail brand.


The vitamin and wellness company, was established in 1989 in Byron Bay, which is super fitting because it’s one of our most renowned wellness destinations. Over 30 years the company has grown to a range of more than 90 premium vitamins, minerals and supplements, plus a wide range of natural living products.


Leveraging Australian origins to deliver quality, innovation and credibility cues, the creative and communications surrounding this exciting project needed to drive demand and build support for the range, specifically within the new Priceline retail environment and in such a saturated industry.

How did we make
the story stick?

Research revealed that in the health and wellness industry, where science, data and technology is enabling increasing levels of personalised care in health, a vitamin company was yet to really claim the territory of a truly caring and considerate brand. In a cluttered market of product quality, ‘natural’ and efficacy claims, it became clear that we needed to go beyond product alone to demonstrate the actions that ANC take to play a meaningful role in their customers’ lives.


One of the largest parts of this project was to develop and produce a TVC for Australian television and cinema, which was further integrated with a full marketing campaign across a wide range of media including digital, outdoor super sites, shopping centre screens and posters.


It was at this point where stars aligned and the “Follow the Sun” campaign was born. With the inclusion of Byron Bay, “Follow the Sun” embraces the healthy, carefree Australian lifestyle, just like ANC. It was lucky, that following the conceptualisation, after much searching we discovered the Xavier Rudd song that not only features that exact line, but also gives you all those good feelings we were hoping for.

The videos and imagery created for this campaign connected audiences to something real, high quality, unique and positive, that offered them a warm invitation to become a part of the ANC family too.


The Gold Triangle symbol, which supports the brandmark by communicating the brand ambition of wellbeing of body, mind and spirit was an important inclusion. This ‘protectiveness of health’ is a key category driver communicating stability, strength and harmony which visually differentiates ANC.


By leading the branding, media, digital and creative production for this campaign, we were so happy to support a growing Australian brand – and to reach a wider audience who’s health ANC has been caring for for over 30 years.