Aurora Energy

Reimagining Tasmanians energy experience

Client: Aurora Energy

Our Role: Research, Brand Strategy, Identity, Print, Digital- website and app

What's the story?

Aurora Energy retails electricity and gas to households and businesses. As a 100% Tasmanian energy retailer, their purpose is to proactively deliver practical energy solutions for all Tasmanians. 


As a company, Aurora was ready to evolve, enhance their customer experience, develop meaningful and ongoing dialogue with customers and stakeholders, while building their brand and business opportunities.

One Small Step Collective secured the Aurora account in a competitive pitch, and went on the entire journey with them. From research and insight gathering, to forming a strategy that would then direct a creative rebrand and change the direction of the company.

We put together an agile approach based on moving through as a core brand and business team. Using a combination of experience and cutting edge methodologies, we drew in key stakeholders but maintained the necessary speed to produce a real and usable solution quickly. 

How did we make the story stick?

Part of making the Aurora brand more accessible to customers, was redesigning it. This included everything from the visual look and feel, to the brand story, messaging and tone. 


The redesign established a recognisably Tasmanian, local look and feel, key recognisable brand elements, and easy customer-friendly language. This was then communicated internally to ensure all employees were on-board with the new angle, so that it was holistic from the inside to the out. 


We then designed their new website, focusing on creating more of a human personality, and becoming a helpful, educational and easy to use utility for customers. Alongside the website design and UI, we designed an app based digital utility, allowing people to top up their energy meters from their smartphone. Another considered utility focussed on delivering a better customer experience.


It’s still early days for the new brand but all of the initial research shows a huge impact for the company. For Tasmanians, there is a sense of pride as they see a local utility taking its place on the national stage.