Australian Clinical Trials

Giving a helping hand to our health system

Our Role: Research, planning, campaign development, brand & logo, film, print, digital

What's the story?

It’s always nice to win government work when the message is a good one. And our appointment by the Department of Health and the Department of Innovation was just such a message. We were chosen to spread the good word about Clinical Trials. For most people, when you mention clinical trials they instantly think about the last ditch effort of people with a terminal illness but clinical trials are much, much more than that. Clinical trials underwrite the whole of Australia’s health system. The reason we can rely on having such a strong and robust system is the fact that all of the treatments and medications that we take for granted, have gone through strict and strenuous clinical trials. We just had to get the message out in a human, encouraging and positive way.

Jarryd Roughead

“In footy terms, doing a Clinical Trial was like injury rehab.”


“They kept the families involved all the way along”

Professor Myles

“Doing this kind of research puts you at the cutting edge of medicine”

How did we make the story stick?

The audience for this campaign was extremely broad and had to stretch from medical professionals, researchers and clinicians, all the way through to the average person on the street.


Because of the wide nature of the campaign, we came up with the line “Helping our Health”. A strong and simple line that talked about both the health of the individual and the greater impact on the health of the system. We then developed the brand, logo, guidelines and general collateral for the business.


From this platform we launched a series of stories of real people that had been involved with and experienced clinical trials. From patients and clinicians and researchers all the way through to heads of hospitals and celebrities. It is important to note that the inclusion of Jarryd Roughead was not as much because of his profile as captain of the Hawthorn Football Club but more of his experience having been through a cancer trial as recently as last year. We felt his inclusion into the mix just reinforced the everyday, community aspect of the campaign while shining a spotlight that it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s up to all of us to help keep the system strong. The launch by the federal health minister and subsequent campaign have been an amazing success for the department and we are in the midst of planning the second phase. There are currently over 1000 clinical trials recruiting in Australia. You can find out about them and how to get involved at