Beer o’clock!: Introducing One Small Step Collective Brewing

Cara Tregonning

We’d ended up with an American and a Red. And that meant the Great Space Race!!

Introducing…One Small Step Collective Brewing! We are very excited to say that the much talked about, long-held office project came to fruition a little earlier this year with the birth of two of our very own beers.

Not trusting the out-of-date DIY kit in our stationery cupboard, we decided to go to a proper brewery. A wise decision, that also meant we could taste test their collection of local beers while learning the craft. Under the direction of the master brewer we measured, dunked, and paddled giant teabags filled with malt to create two special brews.

The first, limited (and getting more so by the day) edition collection features a rich, caramel and toffee red ale, and a classic American IPA – piney and citrusy with floral hop notes. Although picked from a folder of recipes in the moment, it did not escape the crew that we’d ended up with an American and a Red. And for One Small Step, that meant the biggest showdown of Cold War superpowers: The Great Space Race!


Beer---Honey-Build-FADE Beer---Cosmo-Build-FADE


With this direction, we started the naming and label design. We christened our red ale The Cosmonaut, as homage to the Soviet’s brave men and women of space. With labels that feature the communist hammer and sickle, and Laika, the stray dog from Moscow who became the first animal to orbit the Earth, the ale is distinctly red inside and out.

When it came to the American IPA, we settled on a name that celebrated the Apollo 11 moon landing, with an Australian twist. On the 21st July 1969, a little tracking station near Canberra, called Honeysuckle Creek, beamed the first eight minutes of the historic moon landing to the rest of the world. When Armstrong put his foot on the ladder, Honeysuckle was there with its signal to show the world exactly what he was doing. And so, our Australian-made American ale is named The Honeysuckle.


161004_ossc_studio-1160-lr-sm 161004_ossc_studio-0969-lr-sm

We think that they not only look great, but they’re pretty delicious too. Yep, we’re quite proud of our first beer batch, and we’d love to share it with you. If you’re in the area, drop in for a chat and a beer from One Small Step Collective Brewing!*


*Probably best to be quick