8 out of AdAge’s Top 10 Agencies use Crimson Hexagon

One Small Step Collective

Social is an integral part of agency strategy today. But how and where can agencies use social for valuable insights? From the pitch, to the content, and even to prove campaign effectiveness, the use cases for social insights across the agency world are extensive.


In 2016, we got the chance to see the effect of Crimson Hexagon on some of our agency trailblazers, who created successful ad campaigns based on insights from Crimson’s platform. As we looked over the list of Ad Age’s A-list leaders, it’s thrilling to see that 8 of the 10 agencies listed are Crimson Hexagon clients. It’s another wonderful testament to the successful strategies and campaigns created over the last year together.


We congratulate all the winners and mentioned agencies, and we leave you with three reasons agencies must prioritise social data as a key source for client consumer insights.


1. The best client data comes from an unlimited, indexed library.


Crimson Hexagon has more than 1 trillion posts for users to analyse (with results in a matter of seconds), enabling agencies to see the full picture about their clients in real time without having to go back to your data and ask for more.


2. The best client insights are the unexpected ones.


Crimson’s discovery tools like Segments and Affinities allow you to research uncanny connections that can inspire creative and unique campaigns (the kind that help you make it to the top 10 list!).


3. The best agencies leverage social insights to show a complete picture of campaign effectiveness.


Proving a campaign’s value to your client can consist of so much more than standard ROI measurements. Using social insights can help you prove the qualitative and quantitative successes of a campaign. What you get is a clear showing of the campaign’s ability to elicit change in people.


Social data is a crucial resource when agencies are trying to measure and report on your agency’s work. It’s important to use a social insights platform that easily empowers your strategists, planners, and buyers to build the highest quality campaigns for your clients. Crimson offers a complete solution to your agency needs, and the results will speak for themselves.