Two Beers Called January

James Procter

Is there a perfect time for beer?


"Introducing the new batch of beers from One Small Step Brewing!


Is there a perfect time for beer? Yes. Now.

The Collective decided it was about time to create some more beer. In case you missed the first batch “The Space Race”, you can have a look at the blog post here.

This time we decided that the time of brewing was going to dictate the beer produced. The only thing is, we have many different nationalities here and January means different things to someone from Europe as it does to someone from Australia. So of course that meant two beers but we wanted to look at this one in a completely different way. What if we could use the same label for both of the beers? Europe-y winter beer label up for the Northern Hemisphere and Summer fun up for those of us who live South Side. A little bit of beer genius.

The result – A fruity, refreshing summer ale for those of us down under and a dark, heavy winter ale for the people freezing their berries off in Europe.


If you want to share one with us then just get in contact. This super limited edition is getting more limited by the day.