The White Room

Launching Viridian’s Interior & Decorative Range

Client: CSR Viridian

Our Role: Creative Agency

What's the story?

The Viridian team came to us with their newly redeveloped Interior & Decorative range of glass. They had recently restructured the naming process so that products were grouped in categories depending on their qualities. The renaming meant it would be easier for architects and designers to understand and remember products.


But first, they needed to introduce architects and designers to the refreshed range. The refresh was also an opportunity to reintroduce decorative glass as a core material in the design palette.


We developed a campaign that focused on the truly unique qualities of the material, with the aim of bringing interior and decorative glass back into the design discussion.

How did we make
the story stick?

What stood out for us as we were developing the campaign, was just how crowded and competitive the architecture and design space is. It became clear that what interior and decorative glass offered designers, was new surfaces and finishes to make builds unique.


Drawing on this idea, we developed the photography concept of White Room. Using a completely white commercial environment as our ‘blank canvas’ we introduced fresh pops of decorative glass – vibrant colours, rich metallic mirrors and shadow-throwing patterns – quite literally bringing the room to life.






As Viridian’s lead agency, we coordinated the campaign’s execution across digital communications, web, PR, social, collateral and video.