Don't waste your waste

Client: WasteMaster

Our Role: Branding & identity, print, digital & social media management

What's the story?

It’s pretty fantastic when one of your amazing clients introduces you to another organisation doing something super positive for the planet. We will always be grateful to our friends at Optimal Group (another environmental powerhouse) for introducing us to WasteMaster Pacific in early 2019. 


The WasteMaster product, which completely blew our minds, was developed in the UK, under their parent company Green Eco Technologies. The product uses unique technology to accelerate the decomposition of food waste into a compost-like residue. Not only can the waste be reduced by up to an unprecedented 80%, decreasing potential landfill, but the residue can be used in environmentally beneficial ways such as the production of green energy and fertilizer. 


We were tasked to help support continued success and growth within this new space, by developing brand, collateral and a social communications strategy to build awareness and sales in the market.

How did we make
the story stick?

Because WasteMaster’s product is for businesses or establishments, much of the communication has been B2B, highlighting how the product can assist with food waste burdens and increase their sustainability.  However, Food Waste is a global problem, an epidemic affecting everyone, so we wanted to ensure the importance of their ‘bigger mission’ still made enough noise to reach large audiences, individuals included.


Our two-pronged approach started with the refreshing of their brand elements, development of their website and creation of their tagline “Don’t Waste Your Waste”. It was really exciting to see a shift in the idea of food waste, even inside our own agency which eventually translated into our everyday lives too. 


Since working with WasteMaster Pacific, we have both developed and matured the personality, language and tone used to break through

the modern Australian market, which so desperately deserves a product like theirs.


Much of our work with WasteMaster is the development of cut-through content with interesting facts and statistics that speak to everyone all while remaining genuine and combating a real issue whilst appealing to more customers. We continue to support multi-channel communications across print and social media channels including brochures, stationery, website design, event signage/collateral, blog stories, case studies, PR and social tiles.


We’re super excited to partner with WasteMaster as we continue to reduce the harm generated by organic waste. We all need more organisations like Wastemaster- Companies that have a huge, positive impact on our planet.