Refreshing the Viridian brand

Client: CSR Viridian

Our Role: Brand development, Website, Content, Strategy, Research, Product development.

What's the story?




We have an incredibly deep relationship with Viridian Glass. They were one of our first clients, and we’re proud to play a central role within their marketing team.

In 2015, we were engaged to rebrand Viridian. It had been eight years since the initial brand guidelines were set, and there was a need to refresh and update. At the same time, the expansion of Viridian’s marketing department meant that there was a need for a document to provide a clear and consistent guidance on brand look, feel and communication.

How did we make the story stick

The refresh meant going back to the brand’s DNA. Once we’d identified Viridian’s brand heart, we spent time in exploration. We looked at how we could push the visual brand to a new level, whilst maintaining brand integrity.

The exploration phase resulted in new design assets and a clear, inspirational brand direction. Creating the brand guidelines involved crafting all of the things that make up Viridian, like its story, tone of voice, values, and the roles of the business units. We also set the design guidelines – the rules for using the brand’s assets, to ensure consistency across all aspects of the design. The result was a 60+ page brand bible, that has since guided numerous product launches, campaigns and a brand new website.





Logo Lockup

The master logo lockup, featuring the Viridian logo, with the brand new line of “We Love Glass”.



Tag Line

The “We Love Glass” tagline, using the heart shape that is born from the Viridian internal brand molecule and their GreenHouse505 comms.




The sandpiper is a nod to the process that makes glass. This mark is also the starting point for the range of iconography we developed for the new brand.

Viridian Brand Film

The film is part a statement of who Viridian are and part of an explanation of why they do what they do. There is a lot of love for this film inside Viridian and the industry, we hope you like it too.