Global Learning Support

Preparing a Brand for Rapid Growth

Our Role: Strategy, Planning, Research, Creative, Design, Innovation

What's the story?

Global Learning Support (GLS) is a pioneer in the student support business. They guide and nurture students to help them achieve important milestones and eventually graduate from their chosen course. The board of directors came to chat to us at a critical time in their business. Passing the three year mark, they were looking to consolidate and grow their Australian holdings but more importantly they were planning to expand into the international market. The scope and breadth of the project was enormous as GLS also wanted to use the expansion as an opportunity to rebrand the business.


The first part of the solution was working out what we didn’t know. We researched the global education industry looking at macro trends then narrowed it down into key factors that were going to have a big influence on our client. After that we drilled down into the key markets of the UK, Canada and the US. Although the markets had a lot of similarities, each has its own regulatory complexities and nuances that had to be navigated.

How did we make
the story stick?

An important part of the company reinvigoration was a complete redesign of the brand and its attributes. Using the insight gained in research and the conversations we had with the customers and employees of the client, we put together a compelling brand story. For us, a brand story is the DNA of the brand. It is the value proposition. It is the brand truth that drives everything. For GLS, as an enabler and innovator in the learning space, ‘Empowering Education’ was chosen as it talks to where GLS has been and it was a big enough to allow for innovation in the future.


From here, we developed new products and an ‘education eco-system,’ allowing them to confidently present a complete education support package to the market.